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Prometheus Architecture

Google Secret Manager — accessing secrets using spring boot
  • it requires a lot of code setup
  • had to keep the encrypted version within version control
  • no easy way to manage these…

Cloud Run + gRPC + Spring Boot

An alternate question would be why gRPC? and what benefits does it offer over REST?

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Multi-region — image downloaded from the internet

Image downloaded from the internet
  • Standard & Consistent API design
  • Better documentation
  • Client Libraries
  • Playground (better developer experience)

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Secrets + Google KMS + Git
  • How do we manage those secrets?
  • What happens when the local copy is deleted?
  • How do we share it with other developers?
  • How do we manage versioning of those secrets during changes and an audit log of who changed what?

Appengine + Gradle Power

Optional configuration files

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